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Bette Ford has been a model, an actress and the first American bullfighter to ever fight in the Plaza Mexico, making history for the United States.

Born Harriet Elizabeth Dingeldein in McKeesport, Pennsylvania, Bette, as her friends and family called her was a beautiful and ambitious woman from the start. 

She began her eclectic career as a model in New York. Her image was soon seen on billboards and in magazines across the country as the face and form of the Jantzen Bathing Suit Girl, The Camay Bride, The Parliament Girl and a score of others.  Soon she became a regular on the Jackie Gleason Show and The Jimmy Durante Show.

She continued modeling and acting until one day a fateful trip to Bogota, Colombia on one of her many modeling assignments changed her life.  There she became enamored with the artform of bullfighting. 

And again fate took her from a Broadway play to Mexico City where opportunity opened the door to becoming a bullfighter.  Tenaciously she worked at the art and within three years she was known as one of the top ten bullfighters in Central America.

Her bullfighting took her to Panama, the Philippines and all over Mexico.  Bullrings were built and named for her.  She was known as bette “Guts” Ford and had over two hundred kills to her career.

Although she has had her back broken, her shoulder dislocated, her hand gored and nearly died when a bull’s horn just missed piercing her skull, Bette successfully fought bulls for another two years as a top ranked Matadora.

Once retired from Bullfighting Bette resumed her acting career and has since forged a theatrical resume that is as impressive as her bullfighting. 

Bette has created roles on Broadway and acted with a range of movie stars from Clint Eastwood to Sarah Jessica Parker to Steven Segal.  She has an extensive television career often personifying the sensual older woman who can turn heads.   She was recommended for an Emmy nomination for her two-part appearance on “Cheers” titled “Coach in Love” and was granted the title of “Mother of the Year” for her series of sexy “mother” roles including her star turning performances as “Lusty Rusty” on the hit series, L.A. LAW where she was again recommended for an Emmy. 

Bette is still acting she recently shot the pilot for a new series starring Bill Macy and Polly Bergen and starred in a film currently on the festival circuit with Mare Winningham and Philip Baker Hall.  Her unique voice can be heard in the Animatrix; The Final Flight of the Osiris, the companion animated DVD of the hit film trilogy The Matrix and many commercials.

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